Welcome to the world of Susan Baughman's photographic eye!

I'm in traveling mode now; a 5 month trip to Europe, using the excuse "I think I'll visit my cousin in Slovakia!" has just ended; I'm prepping for a long visit back to Ireland, next. When someone says "why not stay in my house in Ireland for a bit?" my answer will most certainly, always, be "yes!"

Photography in the Baughman household was always a family affair. Dad loved photography, and all the sister's do, too. They're all good, too! Susan's first camera, a Nikon FM, took her to an extended trip to Nepal and East Asia when she bought a one-way ticket to Katmandu, Nepal the week before she turned 21. Or at least, the Nikon FM started to take her on that trip. At month one, the very inexpensive piece of the camera known as the shutter spring, broke. Cost to repair in America: $1; cost to repair in Nepal: priceless (as in, impossible). Thanks to some VERY generous unknown tourists, she was loaned various cameras as she tooled around Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand (you never know generosity like a total stranger saying "here, take my insanely expensive camera since we're out of film, anyway. We leave the country in 8 days - just have it back to our guesthouse by then!") The trip taught Susan many things: 1) patience, 2) empathy, 3) gratitude, 4) appreciation at being a girl born in America and 5) to never go anywhere again with only one camera!

Over the years, Susan has acquired (at least) 2 Nikon FM's, 3 Nikon 8008's, a Nikonos underwater SLR, 2 Nikon D70's, a Nikon D1H (awesome! but no longer working ($900 to fix? I don't think so!)), a Nikon AW-100 (the small underwater - worthless, don't buy one), two Nikon D5100s (don't drop a Nikon and you won't need to buy TWO of them!) and various Canon SLR's and hand-helds.

Susan is, at present, living the good life while living the adage: YOLO - You Only Live Once!

Enjoy the photos. If you'd like to purchase any, they can be purchased via this web site. If you'd like to have one printed without signature/logo, just ask!

Oh, and....if you're looking for really fancy post-processing with Photoshop, Lightroom or the like - look somewhere else. I'm not a fan of changing the reality of a good photo.