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And, because you're using high-reps, you're going to be forcing a LOT of blood into that connective tissue, which is notorious for its normally poor blood supply. This helps immensely with strengthening and healing. High-rep partial training is fairly straightforward to perform. It's best done in a power rack, where it's easy to adjust the range of motion.
Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
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Dana Knox(non-registered)
Great pics... where u picin to take pics now. We r thinking about U here on the island of KW. Sunsets, Sailboats and Strangers awaits your photography talents.
Joan E(non-registered)
Great to meet you at the St.Ledger race.
Susan, call me re the letter I got from Austin.
Florida Beach Girl(non-registered)
Awesome!! Thanks for the links!
Carmen Canann(non-registered)
Love to see the US Grand Prix photos! Thank you
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